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das Gesetz pennt

02.02.2021 tags [ power | knowledge | ärger | geld ]

„Hätte man vor zwei Jahren Juristen egal welcher politischen Couleur die aktuell geltenden Maßnahmen zur verfassungsrechtlichen Prüfung vorgelegt, behaupte ich, dass nahezu 100 % zum Ergebnis gekommen wären, dass sie großenteils verfassungswidrig sind. Niemals hätte ich gedacht, dass es einmal soweit kommt. Wir sind Stück für Stück in diese Situation gerutscht und halten sie jetzt für normal." (sagt ein Jurist)


29.01.2021 tags [ power | knowledge | ärger | geld ]

„Die ganze Wall Street behauptet nun, daß die Art und Weise wie sich die Öffentlichkeit hier zusammenschließt, illegal sein sollte, aber in Wirklichkeit verlieren sie nur bei ihrem eigenen Spiel gegen die Massen.“ fighting hedge fonds in the stock market - good one! /r/wallstreetbets/


11.01.2021 tags [ power | knowledge | madness ]

"Da nicht bekannt ist, dass ein Impfstoff besser ist als der andere, sollte den Menschen vielmehr vermittelt werden, dass man allen zugelassenen Impfstoffen vertrauen kann." sagt eine Sprecherin der Kassenärztliche Vereinigung ... sehr interessant diese Aussage!

Erica Chenoweth

15.12.2020 tags [ power | knowledge | wisdom ]

"Injecting humor into places where the government has complete control is essential in breaking down, in people’s minds, the invincibility of the regime" says Erica Chenoweth

No idiologies!

22.04.2019 tags [ knowledge | rauchen ]

The only thing that I am reasonably sure of is that anybody who's got an ideology has stopped thinking.

me me

26.01.2017 tags [ knowledge | change | terror ]

I think.

So I talk:

Stop reading news!
Re-connect with nature!

what's right - and who's who

26.08.2014 tags [ knowledge | history | madness ]

approx. half a year ago the THAI government was removed by military. The military claimed that the whole system and most of the politicians are corrupt and abuse their power, the people and the country. No blood.

I heard a lot of critics. People said, that democracy was replaced by dictatorship.

Soon after, the Ukraine government was toppled. The ones who took over said, that the former government was corrupt and abused their power. Lots of blood.

It felt like people agreed - since most people thought that a corrupt and "bad" government should be replaced by a "good" government.

Fact is:
Thailand is on a way to recovery.
Ukraine is on a way to disaster, basically on a way to hell.

So, what's the deal? Which coup is "right"? Who's right? What's right?

I'd say ... people should look into their own shit going on.

If we look at Germany today, it's moving away from "democracy" at a speed of light. We vote. For what? We have to pay for news we don't want to see. Our (tax) money is used to support war and we sell weapons to conflict ridden areas. We send German soldiers to Afghanistan. We lost 2 wars - not too long ago.

We're loosing any awareness of reality. We're driven by fears, by news which cause fear and this at a pace which is scary. Yesterday Iraq, after that Libya. then Egypt, then Ukraine, then MH17, now Gaza, now this, now that. It always lasts a week, or so.

They're trying to drive us crazy! Fuck the news!

The distance from todays life to "real life" increases every second.

What's real life?


05.09.2013 tags [ wwweb | knowledge | konfusion ]

Facebook wird immer dreister. Ein Paragraph in den neuen Nutzerbestimmungen liest sich wie folgt:

"Solltest du jünger als achtzehn (18) Jahre alt sein bzw. gemäß einer anderen gesetzlichen Altersgrenze als minderjährig gelten, versicherst du, dass mindestens ein Elternteil bzw. Erziehungsberechtigter den Bedingungen dieses Abschnitts (sowie der Verwendung deines Namens, Profilbildes, deiner Inhalte und Informationen) in deinem Namen zugestimmt hat."

Logischerweise lesen alle, und vor Allem Jugendliche, die Nutzerbestimmungen aufmerksam durch und versichern sich der Zustimmung Ihrer Erziehungsberechtigten... Hahaha!

Was braucht es noch??? ("I wasn't using my civil rights anyway...")

wenn Sie tippen

09.06.2013 tags [ wwweb | knowledge ]

Insider-Info about NSA Prism project:

"Sie können buchstäblich sehen, wie Ihre Ideen entstehen, wenn Sie tippen"

>>> hohoho

go on fb-ing, go on google+-ing, run, run, run... RUN! Be paaaaaaaaart of it!

It's your life - 555

finally a clear position... google's identity service

30.08.2011 tags [ wwweb | knowledge ]

Andy Carvin got an answer... from Google CEO Eric Schmidt regarding real names on G+

He replied by saying that G+ was build primarily as an identity service, so fundamentally, it depends on people using their real names if they're going to build future products that leverage that information.

GERMAN: "Er sagte, dass Google+ in erster Linie als Identitätsdienst entwickelt wurde. Deshalb sei es unerlässlich, die echten Namen der Nutzer zu registrieren für den Fall, dass man in Zukunft darauf aufbauende Produkte entwickeln werde."

So, thanks, Eric, finally some clear statement... "identity service"-kiss-my-ass - idiot. BUT at least, it's a -so to say- honest answer and a clear call for a) don't participate and b) a need for a social network without tracing, storing data and purely commercial interests!

Hey there, programmers in the world ... kick ass!

Hi Grandma, hahaha

29.06.2011 tags [ software | knowledge ]

It's 2011... The average age of a new Facebook user is approaching 40 years old.  The two fastest growing groups of Facebook users are adults ages 55 to 64 and 65-plus.

For a teenager trying to establish his or her identity and some level of personal independence and some level of privacy, Facebook simply doesn’t deliver on its original promise of exclusivity in today’s day and age.

Do you want to be there?

pissed off

10.04.2011 tags [ freedom | knowledge ]

I'm 120 years old and bloody community can kiss my ass .... but whenever I want to comment something cause it touches my heart, I need to register. It pisses me off! The sites or their strategic wizards are so hungry for data - it kills the fun! Free information. Free the web.

dangerous cats

24.03.2011 tags [ knowledge | madness ]

this is based on scientific knowledge - so, don't question it!

Any cat is dangerous and doesn't like folks like U ... they're not capable of ancient Greek nor do they eat rabbits - which is good for the rabbits  .... however, Chinese celebrate the year of the rabbit, which could be an advantage - or, to be realistic - could be unfortunate ... but! they fart - which makes them human.... therefor ... I love cats!

instant cure

02.01.2011 tags [ sex | love | knowledge ]

Sex is an instant cure for mild depression. It releases endorphins into the bloodstream, producing a sense of euphoria and leaving you with a feeling of well-being.


05.12.2010 tags [ wwweb | knowledge ]

1. Zugang zu Computern - und sonst allem, was einem etwas über das Funktionieren der Welt beibringen könnte - sollte unbegrenzt und vollständig sein.

2. Eigenhändiger Zugang soll stets den Vorrang haben.

3. Alle Information sollte frei sein.

4. Misstraue Autorität - fördere Dezentralisierung.

5. Hacker sollten nach ihren Hacks beurteilt werden, nicht aufgrund von Scheinkriterien wie Abschlüssen, Alter, Rasse oder Position.

6. Man kann mit einem Computer Kunst und Schönheit schaffen.

7. Computer können dein Leben zum Besseren verändern.

(by: Steven Levys)

hero or not to be...

09.10.2009 tags [ knowledge | power ]

"Obama is the 3rd US president receiving the Nobel Peace Prize -  following Roosevelt in 1906 and Woodrow Wilson in 1919."

Woodrow Wilson: wikipedia

2nd paragraph: "Wilson supported a Democratic Congress to pass the Federal Reserve Act" (installation of the private money printing gang)

The interest we pay on our national debt goes to these guys ... the private money printing gang ... who rules the financial markets and is called the "Federal Reserve Bank".

BTW! the "Bundesbank" is also owned privately...

It's an interesting world, we live in, isn't it?!

Swami Amar Jyoti

21.05.2008 tags [ wisdom | knowledge | power ]

If life is not play for you, you have made it unnecessarily serious.

public space

19.03.2008 tags [ knowledge | wisdom ]

QUESTION: Lots of people are putting lots of information about themselves on sites like Facebook and Myspace. What would you say to those young people?

Imagine that everything you are typing is being read by the person you are applying to for your first job. Imagine that it's all going to be seen by your parents and your grandparents and your grandchildren as well.

The danger is when you put something into a public space in order to share it with a few friends and in fact you've forgotten that it's actually a public space or that the list of friends is huge or that some of them can't be trusted not to be put it somewhere else.

(source: Sir Tim Berners-Lee has been interviewed by Rory Cellan-Jones
Technology correspondent, BBC News)

A Week Without a Drink

21.02.2008 tags [ wisdom | knowledge ]

Joe E. Lewis said it:

"I distrust camels, and anyone else who can go a week without a drink."

heiss nass anders

18.10.2006 tags [ press-mess | knowledge ]

Klimawandel ist da! Jetzt umdenken! Zumindest Einzelne fangen an zu denken - nachzudenken...

"Wir haben diesen Menschen lange genug vorgemacht, dass man mit 200 Stundenkilometern über die Autobahn fahren kann. Jetzt sollten wir ihnen vormachen, dass ein Leben in Nullenergie-Häusern möglich ist."

(Wolfgang Cramer vom Potsdamer PIK)


13.10.2006 tags [ software | knowledge ]

Last night I was playing around a little - and checked out the CD I had burned a couple of days back, with an ISO-image of Xubuntu.

Xubuntu is one version of the rather known Ubuntu, a nicely set up Linux distribution based on Debian - and as the tradition wants it - all for free. They have various flavours of it now, which are Kubuntu (for the kde desktop) and Xubuntu which usese the XFCE4 desktop (Ubuntu itsself comes with Gnome).

Using Linux for quite a few years by now, I started using the xfce4 desktop years ago, for many years running slackware, these days running both slack and debian. XFCE4 is a rather slim desktop client, faster than the 2 wellknown ones (gnome and kde), and once used to it, one can't imagine switching back to one of those heavy-loads - at least that's for me.

The decision to download the 700mb xubuntu was a) triggered by the fact that they have now an edition with xfce4, but b) also resulted in various installations of slack and debian on a toshiba notebook, where I experienced problems with the onboard sound chip, or the network card or whatever else.

One needs to know, that the neat part on all these Ubuntu setups is, that you can run it from the CD. You don't have to install it to see how it feels like running linux. It runs on a windows box and -as to my knowledge (never tried)- on a Mac. This way you can have a look at it, see whether you like it, find out whether it can handle your hardware (dmesg) and so on...

So I put in the CD and boot.

Loading fast, getting all the hardware, doing everything you expect from an OS - like playing movies, music, accessing the internet, mail client, etc.etc.

It didn't take me more than 1/2 an hour to decide that I want to install it. I had one version of Debian installed a couple of wekks back and decided to install it instead of the Debian sarge (After all it's all Debian).

The installation takes about 15 minutes. It's the easiest and fastest installation I ever experienced - and believe me... I did a lot of installs over the years :) Rebooted and here we go, smooth as silk, very neat, great!

So, folks, if you ever, ever were interested at all in Linux, go for it. Have a look at first. Run it as long as you like from the CD. Once you feel confident about it, install it. You won't regret!

Wind of Change

21.09.2006 tags [ knowledge | history ]

Since Tuesday (19-09-06) Thailand is controlled and reigned by military. They gained control Tuesday night and from a western point of view this sounds scary...

However, after months of tension and a 50/50 torn apart Thai nation - about their former Premier, it's almost a release for most of the Thais (over 80% feel okay about the coup according to a survey in Bangkok Post). Thai hearts and feelings tick different to Westerners.

And I must say... even though a coup d'eta is definitely not a democratic way of solving conflicts, it might be to the good of the country, if the new guys manage to reduce corruption within the system.

Let's watch and see whether a 'new' democraacy can be established and whether they are really able to take out some of the bad roots and restore peace and unity in the country. I wish the new men on top and the people succeding in finding a new and solid path - hopefully good enough to avoid any future interference by the military. Thailand - the land of the free - has a great chance! Take it!

Thailand tightens visa regulation

15.09.2006 tags [ knowledge | press-mess ]

Bangkok (dpa) - Thailand on Friday announced visa regulations for tourists limiting visitors to a maximum stay of 90 days every six months, in an effort to put prevent foreigners from remaining in the kingdom on a long-term basis.

Immigration Police Chief Lieutenant General Suwat Thamrongsrisakul said the new enforcement was aimed at blocking foreigners who created social problems and posed internal security treats from living in the country indefinitely.

"Some people were using the loopholes in the old regulations to work in Thailand, while others were staying here to engage in criminal activities," said Suwat.

Under the old system, foreigners from 41 countries that have good relations with Thailand, were granted 30-day tourist visas that could be extended twice within the country.

With a quick trip abroad, one could pick up another tourist visa and thereby live in Thailand on an annual basis.

There is a heavy flow of foreigners living in Thailand to neighbouring countries such as Cambodia, Laos and Malaysia on cheap "visa runs."

Under the new system to go into effect on Oct 1, nationals from the same 41 countries will be allowed 30-day tourist visas which may be extended twice, after which the tourists will have to stay out of Thailand for at least 90 days before returning again.

The 41 favoured countries include most European nations, China, Japan, Canada, the United States and the Association of Southeast Asian Nations among others.

"Tourists (from the 41 countries) will not be allowed to stay in Thailand more than 90 days every six months," said a statement issued by the Immigration Department.

Nationals from other countries are only allowed 30-day tourist visas, non-extendable in the country.

The new regulation will likely affect hundreds of English-language teachers who work semi-legally in Thailand, and other foreigners working in Thailand without the requisite working papers.

(pinched from Bangkok Post Sept.15th 2006)

Hätten wir doch damals in Manhattan...

13.09.2006 tags [ poetry | knowledge ]

...unsere Betten
mit paar Ketten
an den Wolken festgemacht -

Hätten wir doch damals unsere Uhren
mit den Huren durchgebracht -

Hätten wir doch manchmal nach dem Ficken
mit nem schicken
Auto uns davon gemacht -

Hätten wir gelacht.