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Cooking like Tom

11.05.2019 tags [ rauchen | wahnsinn | frohsinn | sex ]

Last week we had some event and Tom cooked - actually he had to cook. He wanted to eat fish and I told him I can't do that. So I watched him cooking, It was a pleasure.

He said he's gonna tell me the secrets of how he cooked those vegetables. It never happend.

However, I'm not (yet) blind - so I watched him. The thing he was doing was to pan the pan (that is according to google - let's wait for Robert's hints - or - actually, the American guys at Wein Kreis today told me it's "to flip") so flip the pan I guess - well let me try to explain:

Let's say you have the oil, the veggies, everything in your pan and "the heat is on". So now you take the pan in your hand and move it in a forward/back motion - similar to sensual sex.

This way, all the parts in the pan get covered by the oil and ferment (by google), better: get cooked / fried from all sides.

The second thing I observed, was the amount of garlic and pepper Tom used. It's beyond anything most people would be able to think of. It's double, triple, multiple!

The result is a dish of -al dente- super-tasty veggies!!!

OKAY. Since the secret was never handed over to me, I just started copying the master - which resulted in (first of all) a very oily kitchen floor, but also in a very tasty veggie dish. Halleluja!

Since my first try I have improved. The kitchen floor is now without a flaw. It's overall a very clean and fast experience. The veggie is tasty and perfectly "al dente". It's fun to eat, bite, taste - and with the company of a dry riesling it's the perfect meal... for meat eaters as well as for non-meat eaters. Cause it freaks you!

Check it out youself! (half garlic tuber (google) / lots of grained black pepper)

instant cure

02.01.2011 tags [ sex | love | knowledge ]

Sex is an instant cure for mild depression. It releases endorphins into the bloodstream, producing a sense of euphoria and leaving you with a feeling of well-being.

bob in bobbes bobbn

21.03.2009 tags [ sex | liebe ]

morgen will ich den Bob in' Bobbes bobben...

.................................oder vielleicht doch lieber die Bobbiene

geil eh

08.07.2008 tags [ sex | liebe ]

Zur Vernissage gibt es Lesungen und DJ-Sex.