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18.05.2019 tags [ wisdom | happiness | joy ]

Forget all concepts!
Forget all idioligies!
Forget religions!
Forget all!

Start from there! and enjoy!


04.05.2019 tags [ wisdom | happiness | joy ]

Don't ever get satisfied!

Move, move, keep on walking...
(and eat apples or oranges once in a while)


30.08.2012 tags [ wisdom | happiness ]

It will be alright in the end. if it's not alright now - it's not yet the end


19.09.2011 tags [ wisdom | happiness ]

it's how you live it ... and not how long you live it.


04.10.2009 tags [ wisdom | happiness ]

Grant yourself the freedom to be confident no matter how things look and your fortune will follow suit.

(picked up at Petri Dish)

happy life

17.09.2009 tags [ happiness | weisheit ]

be here now! - and do one thing at the time.