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Forget about talking to your Congress Men

18.11.2020 tags [ einsicht | freiheit | joy | pain ]

when I was young, I dreamt about a happy life and freedom and cool cars and so. Times have changed - and I corrected my prospects. Now I want to be happy and watch Series. Be a hero. Eat chips. I love life. See you :) Oh, fuck it...


16.03.2007 tags [ love | pain ]

...sold my Kawasaki today :(

a trillion

07.03.2007 tags [ madness | anger | pain ]

A million seconds takes approximately 11.5 days to tick by, whereas a billion seconds requires about 32 years. Fully 32,000 years need to pass before a trillion seconds elapse.

Pinched from the article "The Cost of the Iraq War: Can You Say $1,000,000,000,000?" ...here