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Wind of Change

21.09.2006 tags [ knowledge | history ]

Since Tuesday (19-09-06) Thailand is controlled and reigned by military. They gained control Tuesday night and from a western point of view this sounds scary...

However, after months of tension and a 50/50 torn apart Thai nation - about their former Premier, it's almost a release for most of the Thais (over 80% feel okay about the coup according to a survey in Bangkok Post). Thai hearts and feelings tick different to Westerners.

And I must say... even though a coup d'eta is definitely not a democratic way of solving conflicts, it might be to the good of the country, if the new guys manage to reduce corruption within the system.

Let's watch and see whether a 'new' democraacy can be established and whether they are really able to take out some of the bad roots and restore peace and unity in the country. I wish the new men on top and the people succeding in finding a new and solid path - hopefully good enough to avoid any future interference by the military. Thailand - the land of the free - has a great chance! Take it!