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finally a clear position... google's identity service

30.08.2011 tags [ wwweb | knowledge ]

Andy Carvin got an answer... from Google CEO Eric Schmidt regarding real names on G+

He replied by saying that G+ was build primarily as an identity service, so fundamentally, it depends on people using their real names if they're going to build future products that leverage that information.

GERMAN: "Er sagte, dass Google+ in erster Linie als Identitätsdienst entwickelt wurde. Deshalb sei es unerlässlich, die echten Namen der Nutzer zu registrieren für den Fall, dass man in Zukunft darauf aufbauende Produkte entwickeln werde."

So, thanks, Eric, finally some clear statement... "identity service"-kiss-my-ass - idiot. BUT at least, it's a -so to say- honest answer and a clear call for a) don't participate and b) a need for a social network without tracing, storing data and purely commercial interests!

Hey there, programmers in the world ... kick ass!