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14.09.2006 tags [ freedom | lyrics ]

Even a flabby flap of a butterfly could change the world...... »»

Sitting in the sun, watching the tiny creatures crawl and fly, my thoughts wandered off when I start observing a beautiful, yellow butterfly...

Imagine, this butterfly had not been flying right in this moment right at this spot - what could have happend!

Needless to say, watching the creature enlightened my heart and gave wings to my thoughts and made me happy, happy. I was glad to live and glad to be right there at this sunny, peaceful spot.

If that butterfly had not been flying there, maybe an unhappy wasp (if something like this exists at all) had been cruising instead, seeing me sitting around in the sun and landing on my ear - and me, just a reflex, trying to wipe of the irritation - and stingg! - ups, here we go...

Running into the house, trying to cool the ear, I slip and fall, hitting my head at the very sharp pointed corner of the sideboard, where I store my shoes in. Blood runs down the face. I feel a bit weak, seconds later I faint and hit the sideboard again, this time with the back of my head. The moment I touch the ground, I feel that this will probably end my life. Last thing I see is a a butterfly, which had got lost in the hall and couldn't find its way out.

For the future, if you happen to see a trapped butterfly, please try everything to set it free - because, as you're probably able to imagine: no butterfly, no flap, no change ... not funny!