quiet vs loud TIGER-ME is for crying out loud.

OR... remain silent.

It's silence vs crying out loud.

Some of the content here is German - so, best is you learn German, or maybe stick to the English part, or.... well, you're old enough.....

  • 15minutes [DEUTSCH - GERMAN] section ... the 15min-project
  • cryings [ENGLISCH - ENGLISH] section ... for crying out loud
  • kung-fu-drinks [MIXED EN/DE] section ... about drinks we drank
  • kwasi-suzuki [DEUTSCH - GERMAN] section ... schrei's raus!

Well, basically, that's all about it. The single sections have a page in the top navigation to explain, or tell, or give an idea, or whatsit...

Enjoy! Add comments! Make love ... cryingoutloud


If life is not play for you, you have made it unnecessarily serious.

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