approx. half a year ago the THAI government was removed by military. The military claimed that the whole system and most of the politicians are corrupt and abuse their power, the people and the country. No blood.

I heard a lot of critics. People said, that democracy was replaced by dictatorship.

Soon after, the Ukraine government was toppled. The ones who took over said, that the former government was corrupt and abused their power. Lots of blood.

It felt like people agreed - since most people thought that a corrupt and "bad" government should be replaced by a "good" government.

Fact is:

Thailand is on a way to recovery.

Ukraine is on a way to disaster, basically on a way to hell.

So, what's the deal? Which coup is "right"? Who's right? What's right?

I'd say ... people should look into their own shit going on.

If we look at Germany today, it's moving away from "democracy" at a speed of light. We vote. For what? We have to pay for news we don't want to see. Our (tax) money is used to support war and we sell weapons to conflict ridden areas. We send German soldiers to Afghanistan. We lost 2 wars - not too long ago.

We're loosing any awareness of reality. We're driven by fears, by news which cause fear and this at a pace which is scary. Yesterday Iraq, after that Libya. then Egypt, then Ukraine, then MH17, now Gaza, now this, now that. It always lasts a week, or so.

They're trying to drive us crazy! Fuck the news!

The distance from todays life to "real life" increases every second.

What's real life?

Facebook wird immer dreister. Ein Paragraph in den neuen Nutzerbestimmungen liest sich wie folgt:

"Solltest du jünger als achtzehn (18) Jahre alt sein bzw. gemäß einer anderen gesetzlichen Altersgrenze als minderjährig gelten, versicherst du, dass mindestens ein Elternteil bzw. Erziehungsberechtigter den Bedingungen dieses Abschnitts (sowie der Verwendung deines Namens, Profilbildes, deiner Inhalte und Informationen) in deinem Namen zugestimmt hat."

Logischerweise lesen alle, und vor Allem Jugendliche, die Nutzerbestimmungen aufmerksam durch und versichern sich der Zustimmung Ihrer Erziehungsberechtigten... Hahaha!

Was braucht es noch??? ("I wasn't using my civil rights anyway...")

- never judge
- don't live on other people money (on the long term)
- never drink cheap wine (drink plenty - but good stuff)
- give, give, give
- take, take, take
- open your heart - be free
- work
- shine
- cry, dance, sing
- be!
- kiss!
- explore
- participate
- enjoy! - over all ... enjoy!!!


If life is not play for you, you have made it unnecessarily serious.

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