- never judge
- don't live on other people money (on the long term)
- never drink cheap wine (drink plenty - but good stuff)
- give, give, give
- take, take, take
- open your heart - be free
- work
- shine
- cry, dance, sing
- be!
- kiss!
- explore
- participate
- enjoy! - over all ... enjoy!!!

It's 2011... The average age of a new Facebook user is approaching 40 years old.  The two fastest growing groups of Facebook users are adults ages 55 to 64 and 65-plus.

For a teenager trying to establish his or her identity and some level of personal independence and some level of privacy, Facebook simply doesn’t deliver on its original promise of exclusivity in today’s day and age.

Do you want to be there?

This is what all Bangkok governor candidates must do before trying to sell us any of their fancy ideas on improving the Big Mango.

Day one: Wear a cast to immobilise one of your legs, use crutches to walk, then go to work or do your errands.

Day two: Try to do the same thing in a wheelchair and see how far you can go from your place.

Day three: Cover your eyes with a mask, or wear a pair of thick spectacles to blur your view. Grab a cane, and walk on Bangkok's notorious footpaths for at least three kilometres.

Day four: When hungry, eat only at food stalls in wet markets. To relieve yourself, do so only in toilets at temples, wet markets, state hospitals or bus and train stations.

Day five: Pedal your bicycle to the Bangkok Post for an interview on how you would make Bangkok friendlier for people of all ages, including those with special physical needs and for health- and environment-conscious cyclists.

Today, one out of every 10 Thais is over 60. The number will be two out of 10 just 15 years from now. The majority in Thailand's greying society will be women. Yet, there is little sign from the city administration to make Bangkok friendlier to the elderly, particularly the grandmas.

According to Asst Prof Trairat Jarutach, the Thai Gerontology Research and Development Institute recently did a survey to see how safe and user-friendly Bangkok buildings and public spaces are for the elderly. The result is distressing.

Government buildings passed only one criteria: the door.

pinched from BKK-Post 21.11.08

The cabinet decision appears to bring an end to the tempestuous history of iTV, which started out as an effort to introduce an independent slant on the news to Thailand's state-controlled television, then became the alleged mouthpiece of a populist prime minister and ended up the property of a Singapore investment firm.

Shortly before the January 6, 2001 general election, which Thaksin's Thai Rak Thai party won, a handful of iTV staff were fired for providing too much coverage of the opposing parties, sending a signal for what iTV was to become during the Thaksin years.

(excerpts from Bangkok Post,  March, 7th 2007)


If life is not play for you, you have made it unnecessarily serious.

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