- never judge
- don't live on other people money (on the long term)
- never drink cheap wine (drink plenty - but good stuff)
- give, give, give
- take, take, take
- open your heart - be free
- work
- shine
- cry, dance, sing
- be!
- kiss!
- explore
- participate
- enjoy! - over all ... enjoy!!!

The Big G (Gaddafi), should have seen the writing on the wall. Since prime minister Mohammad Mossadegh was deposed essentially by the Central Intelligence Agency in Iran in 1953, the rule is that you don't antagonize globalized Big Oil. Not to mention the international financial/banking system - promoting subversive ideas such as turning your economy to the benefit of your local population.

If you're pro-your country you are automatically against those who rule - Western banks, mega-corporations, shady "investors" out to profit from whatever your country produces.

By Pepe Escobar

Bring me Sunshine, in your smile,
Bring me Laughter, all the while,
In this world where we live, there should be more happiness,
So much joy you can give, to each brand new bright tomorrow,

Make me happy, through the years,
Never bring me, any tears,
Let your arms be as warm as the sun from up above,
Bring me fun, bring me sunshine, bring me love.

Bring me Sunshine, in your eyes,
Bring me rainbows, from the skies,
Life's too short to be spent having anything but fun,
We can be so content, if we gather little sunbeams,

Be light-hearted, all day long,
Keep me singing, happy songs,
Let your arms be as warm as the sun from up above,
Bring me fun, bring me sunshine, bring me love.

Words - Sylvia Dee

Andy Carvin got an answer... from Google CEO Eric Schmidt regarding real names on G+

He replied by saying that G+ was build primarily as an identity service, so fundamentally, it depends on people using their real names if they're going to build future products that leverage that information.

GERMAN: "Er sagte, dass Google+ in erster Linie als Identitätsdienst entwickelt wurde. Deshalb sei es unerlässlich, die echten Namen der Nutzer zu registrieren für den Fall, dass man in Zukunft darauf aufbauende Produkte entwickeln werde."

So, thanks, Eric, finally some clear statement... "identity service"-kiss-my-ass - idiot. BUT at least, it's a -so to say- honest answer and a clear call for a) don't participate and b) a need for a social network without tracing, storing data and purely commercial interests!

Hey there, programmers in the world ... kick ass!

co_do mi, co_du mas,
haste nix - machste was

co fuer co___munikation
co fuer coolness, sensation
co kettieren, construieren
co_ mit allem ausprobieren

co misch - mischen, gutes Wort
blaest die ganze Tragik fort
co misch, mischen, mission, co
gibt co_mission, oder so...

goodking von king-twentytwo
koennt das coden - was sagst Du?

fragt man sich noch wann's geschah
mit Jahrhundert tralala
kommt die 21 raus
na, das sieht doch ganz gut aus!

Willst Du's haben musst Du lachen,
kichern, grinsen, Freude machen!


If life is not play for you, you have made it unnecessarily serious.

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