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down, down, down

02.10.2019 tags [ wisdom | press-mess ]

The List about press freedom issued by reporters without borders (or actally reporters sans frontiers) has placed Thailand another 15 positions lower than in 2005.

In the 2005-ranking Thailand was put at position 107, between India and Lybia. India and Lybia inherit the same position for 2006, whilst Thailand is now at position 122 (BTW the lowest you can drop (North Korea) is position 168). Indonesia (103) or Kambodia (108) have a better ranking by now.

But it's not just Thailand. Germany dropped 5 points from pos.18 to 23 and the world police USA is now placed at pos. 53 (down from 44 in 2005) - just at the same level as Botsuana, Kroatia and Tonga.

Finland, Ireland, Island and The Netherlands occupy the prime positions.