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Convention on Cluster Munitions

03.12.2008 tags [ anger | press-mess | history ]

Norway - which played a key role in hammering out the worldwide ban on using, producing, transferring and stockpiling cluster munitions - was the first country to sign. Laos, the country most affected by cluster bombs, was the second nation to sign Wednesday's treaty at Oslo city hall.

Between 1964 and 1973, the US Air Force dropped 260 million cluster bombs on Laos, or the equivalent of a fully-loaded B-52 bomber's payload dropped every eight minutes for nine years.

98% of people hit by cluster bombs are civilians. About one quarter of them are children.
Of course, the treaty would have been a stronger instrument if we had the US, Russia, China, Israel, Pakistan and India onboard. No doubt about it...

Nuclear weapons, Cluster Amunition?
You get'em from these goverments: USA, Russia, China, Israel, Pakistan or India - what a shame!!!